Accessory Trends Fall/Winter 2018-2019

Fashion accessories in the fall-winter season 2018-2019 clearly does not want to remain in the shade. Even though gray everyday life is forced to follow a certain code of clothing in dark colors, no one forbids hanging an original bag on our shoulder, wearing big earrings and a hood. In the new season, things that are not familiar to us change our parameters. A few months ago we were wearing large glasses with plastic frames, but now they are as narrow as those of the characters of the movie “Matrix”. The size changes also affected the bags: now they are so small that they are worn around the neck. Instead, the classic French beret has “grown” in size, which does not even match it on the head! It’s time to see what the situation is!

Huge Berets

The French beret is one of the most stylish outfit in the female headwear. However, this autumn it has changed significantly, and we see a new variation. The dimensions of the beret are impressive and the fabrics from which they are made are also special. Another idea straight from the podium is the combination of textures.


From childhood we wear headwear without wanting, taking them out on the first occasion. In 2018-2019 fall-winter season everything changes, so stylish caps will surely please us. We wear them in the spring, but with the cold season, the caps get darker shades. Especially we recommend those in black shades that can be combined with absolutely any outfit. Good news is that the gray range of colors can be diluted with colored glasses.

Key Ring, Balenciaga Branding Instructions

Demna Gvasalia, the creative director of the famous Balenciaga brand, offered her own keyring version. Probably the bags of this season are so small that they can not contain the necessary items, but we wear the keys from the house and the car on the belt of a pencil skirt or wide leg trousers.

Leather Gloves

Perhaps one of the most refined trends of this season is the medium length gloves. Favorites have become colorful patterns that stay loose on hands. Among these are gloves in red shades, terracotta, emerald, wine, brick and even those with snake skin imitation. So, we’ll have to wear ¾ sleeves in the wardrobe to show all the splendor of our gloves. In addition, we also remember the episcopal sleeves (elbow-to-cuff volume) and the puffy sleeves, which we apply to blazers, white shirts and knitted sweaters.

Huge Earrings

This season will be difficult for us: as a tribute to fall-winter 2018-2019 fashion we will carry real weights. The huge earrings are a must have, which must undoubtedly be present in your jewelry box. Here, again, we feel the breath of the sixties: short haircuts and huge earrings. Do not be afraid and buy at least a pair of this kind to be in step with fashion trends.

Massive Bracelets

This season, ladies’ wrists will wear massive metal bracelets such as chains, mystical animal figures, snakes or simply bracelets in multiple layers. You can wear a single wide bracelet, or you can choose 3-5 bracelets of different thicknesses. We are advised to opt for metal, as well as various illustrations. Even the wood does not leave the list of season favorites.

Chest and Waist Bags

The bags change their place, moving from the shoulder to the neck and from there to the waist. We pay attention to the chest bags, a new trend of the 2018-2019 fall-winter season. Such a pattern can be worn in pair with a spacious bag or with a waist bag. Besides, it is very convenient, the phone, the bank card and the powder will always be at your disposal.

Mask Sunglasses

We’ve already talked about fashion for work overalls, and you still have to fill it with stylish accessories. This season we wear glasses that resemble the protective mask of a lab worker or protective masks of gardeners operating a lawn mower of course, in a stylized decorative option, but keeping basic principles. These glasses fit pretty well with the face, have a thin metal frame (or without it), but the main element is a colorful or transparent lens.

Narrow Sunglasses

Narrow sun glasses are really the top trend of fashion trends for fall-winter 2018-2019. They have demonstrated in practice the strength of their positions both on the podium and in the street styles, so the sunglasses deserve all our attention.
Trinity, the character of the famous movie “Matrix”, becomes a symbol of style not the first season. Inspired by his legendary image, we were wearing waterproof black vinyl and hiding our eyes under the narrow rectangular glasses. You can combine them with vests, hoods, massive earrings and berets. They will accentuate any short cuts and straight haircuts, especially if the hair is hidden behind the ears.


Fashion Trends for Autumn-Winter 2018-2019 awaken true passion for massive jewelry. When wearing silk dresses, knitted sweaters, tweed women’s jackets and costume pants, we put harsh metal chains. In addition, we wear chains at the wrists and instead of leather bracelets.

Wide Belt

The leather belt reaches the maximum width, and in the desire to accentuate the waist, it can reach the thickness of a bodice! The choice of the season fell on leather belts with metal fittings and numerous ties – we use them to light long chiffon dresses even though we talk about pastel shades fabrics.

When we create an elegant look, we do not lose sight of the accessories. In the 2018-2019 fall-winter season they are extremely unusual and self-sufficient and sometimes even resemble contemporary artwork!


Wee see you.
We embrace it.

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